Siding with the Future
Looking at the characteristics of the employment of artillery during Operation Protective Edge, what can be learned toward the next round of fighting? Doron Shalev in an exclusive analysis
Doron Shalev
ADEX: IMI Presented the "Predator Hawk"
At Azerbaijan's largest military exhibition, Israel Military Industries (IMI) presented its new guided rocket with a range of 250 km and an accuracy of 10 meters
Amir Rapaport, Baku
Chief of Staff Approved Second Generation "Tzayad" Program
The acquiring process of second-generation C2 systems has begun, as part of the "Network IDF" program. Emphasis will be placed on information fusion within the tactical level
Amir Rapaport
War of Artillery
Extensive use of artillery in Operation Protective Edge: 40% of the IDF soldiers who were injured and those killed were hit by mortar fire of Hamas. Meanwhile – the Artillery Corps of the IDF has fired no less than 40 thousand shells
Amir Rapaport
Weapons of Protective Edge: Unmanned APC
For the first time ever, a remote controlled APC participated in the fighting in Gaza, manufactured by G-NIUS
IDF's Plan for Dealing with Gaza Tunnels
The plan the IDF will present to the government will consist of two systems – a physical infrastructure for blockage of tunnels and a system for detection of tunnels along the Gaza border. Estimated cost of the system – from NIS 1.5 billlion to NIS 2.5 billion
Or Heller
"We can Protect Complete Convoys instead of Individual Vehicles"
Giora Katz, Rafael EVP and Head of Land & Naval Systems Division, speaks about the new spatial defense system Samson Knight and other developments by Rafael, pursuant to the changes on the land battlefield
Amir Rapaport
Land Robotics
The vision of land robotics is viable but the road to implementation is still very long. Col. (res.) Yitzhak Elimelech about the US robotics market and the future of the field
Col. (res.) Yitzhak Elimelech
Op Protective Edge: IAI's Green Rock System Became Operational
The mobile autonomous tactical counter Rocket, Artillery & Mortar (C-RAM) system supports and assists troops in Gaza to return fire at the source of mortar fire, which have become a significant threat
"Victory cannot be Achieved Using Fire Alone"
IDF Ground Arm Commander addressed the issue of maneuvering vs. precision fire, saying that maneuvering is the element that accomplishes the objectives. "Today they have offensive tunnel systems, in addition to their blending into the civilian population"
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