"Victory cannot be Achieved Using Fire Alone"
IDF Ground Arm Commander addressed the issue of maneuvering vs. precision fire, saying that maneuvering is the element that accomplishes the objectives. "Today they have offensive tunnel systems, in addition to their blending into the civilian population"
The Challenges of an Urban Battlefield
Urban warfare in Gaza presents a unique set of challenges: civilians are present, a tunnel network runs underneath the battlefield, and terrorists are familiar with the terrain
"Fire & Maneuvering are Intertwined"
IDF ground incursion into Gaza: The IDF Chief Armored Corps Officer & Chief Artillery Corps Officer in a discussion regarding the changes on the battlefield and the fire and maneuvering revolution. Exclusive
Amir Rapaport
Underground Maneuvering
Against the background of the operation in Gaza, and following a large-scale infiltration attempt through a tunnel Thursday morning, we go back to the special analysis by Col. (res.) Atai Shelach on the need to understand the subterranean medium
Atai Shelach
After More than 50 Years: New Parachutes for IDF Paratroopers
The new parachutes, made in the USA, are suitable for heavier paratroopers who carry heavier loads
Watch: Trophy System in Action
Anti-tank missile was fired against an IDF tank in Gaza. According to the IDF Spokesperson, Rafael's Trophy system was activated and eliminated the threat
Ami Rojkes Dombe
"Fire should be Accurate, Lethal & Fast”
Boaz Cohen, VP of Land & C4I Systems at Elbit Systems, speaks about the plans for the development of a new self-propelled artillery gun system, and additional land weapon systems Elbit is currently developing
Amir Rapaport
"We need to completely eliminate the element of surprise"
Multiple-sensor systems, a new mounted layout and additional sector boundaries - the IDF Chief Combat Intelligence Officer in an exclusive interview with IsraelDefense
Or Heller
The Subterranean Medium: The Desirable vs. the Available
In Israel, everything possible is being done to locate terrorist tunnels – but that is not enough. The former commander of the IDF YAHALOM Unit addresses the need for a technological solution for real-time detection that would constitute a tie-breaker in this struggle
Atai Shelach
Elbit: New Generation Observation System
Elbit Systems unveiled at Eurosatory 2014 a new model of its multi sensor system that enables day and night observations
Amir Rapaport, Paris
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