New Counter IED and Mine Suite System
Israel Aerospace Industries unveils its new CIMS (Counter IED and Mine Suite) for tactical vehicles
Rafael Proposes the "Trophy" to US Army
Rafael and DRS Technologies are offering the Trophy Active Protection System to the US Army, according to a report on The system can configured for a range of US combat vehicles including M1 Abrams tanks, Strykers and HMMWVs
Ami Rojkes Dombe
Mortar Steering Unit for Minimizing Civilians Injuries
At AUSA 2014, MTC will present its Mortar & Rocket Steering Unit, enabling smart targeting, while reducing collateral damage. The solution allows for full control of the rocket while airborne
"Out of the Depths"
During Operation Protective Edge, the State of Israel revised its working assumption regarding the subterranean threat. The former commander of the YAHALOM Unit, Colonel (res.) Atai Shelach, about the lessons learned during the fighting in the Gaza Strip
Atai Shelach
Urban Warfare: New Systems Were Employed in Gaza
Strategic weapon systems were not the only ones that made their debut in the summer of 2014. A few tactical systems also saw combat for the first time
"Face-to-Face, the IDF had the Upper Hand"
Senior officers from the southern IDF divisions in a preliminary conclusion of Operation Protective Edge: the excellent intelligence, the house-to-house fighting and the consciousness achievement of Hamas. Exclusive
Or Heller
Siding with the Future
Looking at the characteristics of the employment of artillery during Operation Protective Edge, what can be learned toward the next round of fighting? Doron Shalev in an exclusive analysis
Doron Shalev
ADEX: IMI Presented the "Predator Hawk"
At Azerbaijan's largest military exhibition, Israel Military Industries (IMI) presented its new guided rocket with a range of 250 km and an accuracy of 10 meters
Amir Rapaport, Baku
Chief of Staff Approved Second Generation "Tzayad" Program
The acquiring process of second-generation C2 systems has begun, as part of the "Network IDF" program. Emphasis will be placed on information fusion within the tactical level
Amir Rapaport
War of Artillery
Extensive use of artillery in Operation Protective Edge: 40% of the IDF soldiers who were injured and those killed were hit by mortar fire of Hamas. Meanwhile – the Artillery Corps of the IDF has fired no less than 40 thousand shells
Amir Rapaport
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