The Israeli RAM in the Sands of Africa
The RAMTA Division of IAI has recently received an order for 100 latest-generation armored combat vehicles from clients in Africa. An exclusive interview with Hagai Shmuel, RAMTA’s marketing manager
Ami Rojkes Dombe
Rafael, IAI and IMI will jointly develop the next generation of "Trophy"
The new development will be a combination of a "Trophy" system by Rafael and IAI and an "Iron Fist" system by IMI. The main contractor for the integrated development will be Rafael; IMI and IAI will be subcontractors
Amir Rapaport
Precision Guidance Fuze for IDF's Artillery
Pursuant to Operation Protective Edge, the IDF Ground Arm has decided to complete the development process and initiate procurement in the context of the "precision artillery shell" project
Elbit to Compete for the Indian Gun System
According to idpsentinel website, Elbit Systems will compete in the tender for the Mounted Gun System of India, through its joint venture "Bharat Forge" with the Indian Company Kalyani
Ami Rojkes Dombe
Extended & Protected M-113 APCs?
BAE and IMI offer the IDF an extended and upgraded version of the veteran M-113 APC, fitted with an active protection system and passive and reactive protection
India to Develop a Competitor to the Trophy
The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) of the Indian Army is looking to develop an active protection system for armored vehicles. If and when such a system will be materialized, it will compete against the Israeli "Trophy" by Rafael
Ami Rojkes Dombe
Elbit Launches New Radar for Detection and Tracking in Foliage
The new radar, the FPR-10, plays a crucial role in the Wide-Area-Persistent Surveillance (WAPS) Concept for superior Terrain Dominance. The system was presentedat the ongoing 3rd Israeli HLS Conference, as well as other HLS solutions: including a highly advanced command and control system
The Trend: Urban Warfare
At Rafael they understand that the frequency of wars fought in urban environments will increase. For this reason, they have recently launched two new products - a precision rocket and a tactical rotorcraft
Ami Rojkes Dombe
The "Merkava" Celebrates 35 Years of Service in the IDF
Thirty-five years ago, after several years of development and months of training, the "Merkava I" tank, the first completely armored Israeli vehicle, began its active service in the IDF. Today, the “Merkava” is a key factor in the IDF’s forces
Elbit to Supply SOTM Systems to Canada
Elbit Systems awarded contract to supply Satellite-on-the-Move (SOTM) systems for use by the Canadian Armed Forces
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