Rafael’s Mini-Spike

Rafael is set to unveil its Mini-Spike missile system at the Eurosatory exhibition in Paris next week
Mini-Spike (Photo: Rafael) Mini-Spike (Photo: Rafael)

A new year and a new family of Spike missiles: Rafael is set to unveil its Mini-Spike at Eurosatory next week. The smallest member of Rafael’s electro-optic guided missiles, and the world’s smallest personal missile, Mini-Spike is the first missile to implement an anti-personnel precision attack missile.

With a range of 1.5 km, the Mini-Spike is designed to hit infantry forces that are inside shelters or dug-in trenches.

The missile and its canister together weighs 4 kg. The launcher uses target acquisition and wireless communication to view and guide the missile to its target.

The missile is 70 cm in length and 75 mm in diameter. Each soldier can carry four missiles with the special carrier, and the soldier carrying the launch and control system can carry and additional two missiles.