Trophy for “Soft” Vehicles

Rafael will show a version of its missile defense system at the 2012 Eurosatory Exhibition in Paris
The Trophy system (Photo: Ministry of Defense) The Trophy system (Photo: Ministry of Defense)

The Israeli company Rafael will display another version of the Trophy system used to defend the IDF’s Merkava tanks against missiles and rockets during the Eurosatory 2012 exhibition that will take place next week in Paris. This version of the system will also defend “soft” vehicles.

This is the third version of the system. The tank version is well known, and another version defends APCs, such as the IDF’s Namer. Now Rafael will be showing a version for vehicles without any protection whatsoever. The system will be displayed at the exhibition onboard a Gavial vehicle jointly produced by the French company Panard and German company Rheinmetall.

Eli H., part of Rafael's protection directorate, says that the system is installed on the panels of the vehicles, which upon detection of threats, such as RPG rockets, operates countermeasures that neutralize the threat before it hits the vehicle.

The system weighs approximately 300 kg, and it is presently undergoing a series of advanced tests. According to Eli H., the system is intended to protect "soft" vehicles against the most common threats, such as various RPG rockets.

The unveiling of the system proves that Rafael is greatly utilizing the technologies it has originally developed for the operational Trophy system.