Success for Elbit Systems' Mortars in Afghanistan

The Spanish military acquired the Cardom artillery systems a year ago, and is already successfully using them in Afghanistan
Success for Elbit Systems' Mortars in Afghanistan

More than a year after being supplied to the Spanish military, Elbit Systems’ Cardom artillery systems are already a part of operational activity in Afghanistan.
Spanish media has reported that the Spanish Toledo infantry battalion returned fire with the Cardom in response to shots fired at its forces, and neutralized it immediately. The Spanish military's decision to acquire Elbit's mortars was made after a series of successful tests were conducted in Israel and in Spain. The systems were supplied throughout the past year in a project estimated at $8.5 million.

In the framework of the project, autonomous 81mm mortars were installed onboard 4x4 VAMTAC vehicles produced in Spain by Urovesa, and with the cooperation of local industries.

Jesus Santos, from the Spanish mortar unit that participated in the operational activity, said that "the 81mm system is the jewel in the crown."