"We Must be Alert and Well-Prepared”
The commanders of the IDF Navy’s routine security squadrons in an exclusive joint interview about the lessons derived from Operation Protective Edge and the challenges of defending Israel’s offshore drilling rigs
Or Heller
Behind the Scenes: Israel Navy’s Shipyard
The large, heavy, and advanced ships of the Israel Navy play an integral role in a variety of the IDF’s missions. These ships could not operate smoothly if they were not properly cared for, by the Israel Navy’s Shipyard. An inside look
Naval "Iron Dome"
Rafael has developed a Naval "Iron Dome" for protecting vessels on the high seas
New Maritime Surveillance Radars
Israel Aerospace Industries will display a variety of unique naval defense solutions at the upcoming Euronaval International Naval Defense and Maritime Exhibition, including two new additions to IAI's Maritime Surveillance Radar family
The Navy Successfully Tested an Upgraded "Barak" Missile System
Cleared for publication: The Navy conducted a successful test of the defense missile system, protecting from Russian-made "Yakhont" missiles. According to the estimates, Syria has procured "Yakhont" missiles, and possibly even Hezbollah
Or Heller
Euronaval: What Rafael has in Store
At the upcoming Euronaval show, Rafael will showcase a comprehensive suite of naval vessel defense solutions for detection, tracking, interception and neutralization of a variety of threats
The Naval Front
The naval front is a front where the Navy operates 24/7: executing fire attacks, generating intelligence data and employing the Naval Commandos in a series of covert operations inside the Gaza Strip
Or Heller
Israel to Receive Fourth Dolphin-class Submarine
Navy Commander announced that the submarine, INS Tanin, has sailed from Germany and is making ​​its way to Israel. An additional submarine is expected to enter service by the end of the year
"Azerbaijan Revamps Coast Guard with Israeli-made Ships"
Jane's magazine: Azerbaijan's Cost Guard has purchased six Shaldag Mk V patrol boats and six Saar 62 offshore patrol vessel "manufactured by Israel Shipyards"
The Next Surface Vessels?
Israel is in talks with Germany to purchase new surface vessels. Tanin, one of the new Dolphin-class submarines, is expected to arrive shortly
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