Stealth and Resilience: IDF’s New Submarines
The Israel Navy is expected to put two new advanced Dolphin-class submarines into service. Graduates of the IDF’s Submariners course are about to receive a more advance training regimen, in order to keep up with the evolution of IDF submarine capabilities
Naval Exercise for Israel - USA - Greece
In the drill, named "Noble Dina 2014", various types of missions will be exercised, including search and rescue missions, sea maneuvering, anti-submarine warfare (ASW), coordinated command-and-control missions
Ami Rojkes Dombe & Or Heller
IDF Navy Captured Ship Carrying Rockets from Iran to Gaza
In an act of the IDF Navy's Commando Unit and the Missile Boat Flotilla, a ship carrying missiles from Iran to Sudan was caught. The raid was carried out 1500 kilometers off the coast of Israel
Or Heller
Record Figure of IDF’s Submarine Activity
A leap in the scale of military submarine operations, even in the northern theater: “The best Russian and Iranian products are between Syria and Lebanon. We are prepared for transfer of ‘Yakhont’ missles”
Or Heller
Routine is Our Worst Enemy
The commander of the IDF's navy computer unit in an exclusive interview to Israel Defense about the challenges presented by cyber warfare to the Navy's cyber defenders. Lt. Col. Rubi describes the drills, the threats and in particular – who we are dealing with
Ami Rojkes Dombe
Beth-El will Provide WoMD Protection for the "Watercat M18"
The Israeli company is integrated in a project for the manufacture of 12 advanced combat support service vessels for the Finnish Navy
Rafael - Pip Vav Collaboration
The companies jointly offer the Indian Navy a weapon system for the medium and large ships called the "Typhoon", as well as a smaller system suitable for patrol boats - the "Mini Typhoon"
Amir Rapaport, India
The End of the Missile Boats Era?
The Israeli Navy is preparing for scenarios in which, using the “Yakhont” missiles, there will be an attempt to hit Israel’s oil rigs. Therefore it tries to convince the members of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that it should be equipped with small and more sophisticated boats rather than the veteran missile boats
Amir Rapaport
IAI Unveils its New Advanced Unmanned Combat Marine System
Israel Aerospace Industries unveils its new Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) combat marine system - "KATANA" for Homeland Security applications
The Next Missile Frigate of the IDF Navy
The next missile frigate of the IDF Navy may come from Germany. The electronic warfare and weapon systems will be Israeli made
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