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The Units of Combat: 669
Fighters of the Airborne Rescue and Evacuation Unit of the Israeli Air Force (Unit 669) are working non-stop to rescue wounded soldiers fighting in Gaza. "Heroic rescue operations will be heard of after the battles," say sources in the IDF
Amir Rapaport
Volcanic Ash Detectors
Elbit Systems and Nicarnica Aviation Sign MOU for the Integration of Volcanic Ash Detection Capabilities on Elbit’s ClearVision EVS. EasyJet will be the first company to implement the technology on its aircraft
A Mission-Oriented Force
How can the future of the Israeli Air Force be drawn as a mission-oriented force vis-à-vis its strategic and tactical objectives? Brig. Gen. (res.) Asaf Agmon attempts to provide an answer
Asaf Agmon
IAI Reveals its New Helicopter Safety Technology
Israel Aerospace Industries reveals its innovative Helicopter safety technology, which enables helicopter flight in Degraded Visual Environments (DVE), under all weather conditions
IAI's M-19HD Payload Successfully Trialed
IAI's advanced electro-optical payload M-19HD has successfully completed its first airborne test-flight on a light aircraft as part of the development program
Elbit to Supply Optical Sights for the Brazilian Army
ARES, a subsidiary of Elbit Systems is signing a supply deal of 5000 optical sights to Brazillian Army’s assault rifles
Ami Rojkes Dombe
"Air Defense Systems Provide Political Echelon with Breathing Time"
Air, Space and BMD Conference: Former IAF commander, Maj. Gen. (res.) Herzl Bodinger, on the rocket threat and our ability to defend ourselves
Elbit Joins the F-35 JSF Program
Elbit Systems receives qualification approval to manufacture composite components and assemblies for the F-35 Lightning II Program
Sky Riders: the Eyes of IDF
Aerial drones were used in Israel’s search for three kidnapped teens in Judea and Samaria. Soldiers who control the aircraft help forces locate Hamas terrorists and other suspects
Aeronautics Launches "Orbiter 2B": Next Generation Mini UAS
Orbiter 2B joins the Orbiter Family, whose members will all be presented at the Eurosatory 2014 exhibition, designed for Intelligence, Surveillance, Border Control & HLS Missions
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