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"Da-Vinci": Compact VTOL sUAS Platform
Flying Production will launch "Da-Vinci" at AUSA 2014. The system includes a Portable Ground Control Station and Dual Sensor EO/IR Payload. A number of Da-Vinci systems have been recently sold to a country in Eastern Europe
IAF Inaugurates Flight Training Center for the "Lavi" Trainer Aircraft
The Center includes two Full Mission Simulators and two Operational Flight Simulators, offering the experience of real flight. The Center was developed by Elbit Systems together with Alenia Aermacchi, CAE and Sellex ES
IDF Intercepts Syrian Fighter Plane in the Golan Heights
A patriot missile was launched at the aircraft as it was infiltrating Israeli airspace arriving from Syria. The aircraft is most likely a Sukhoi Su-24 fighter plane. IDF estimates: Assad will not retaliate
Or Heller
Unmanned Aerial Photography
IAI developed the M19 - a surveillance payload for UAVs capable of long-range HD photography which also includes a laser pointer
Ami Rojkes Dombe
UAVs - A Tactical Resource or a Strategic Asset?
The employment of unmanned vehicles during Operation Protective Edge demonstrated that the unmanned layout is a significant asset and will be an important element in any future force build-up process. In preparation for the Third International UVID Conference - tomorrow!
Alon Unger
"UAVs are an Inseparable Part of the Fighting”
Operation Protective Edge proved, once again, that Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have become an inseparable part of the modern battlefield. Shaul Shahar, General Manager of the Military Aircraft Group at IAI, about the substantial contribution of the UAVs
UVID 2014: Tactical UAS
In preparation for the Third International Unmanned Vehicles Conference (UVID) organized by IsraelDefense: a special review of the products which will be displayed in a huge exhibition. This time: Aeronautics' Tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems
Are S-300 Batteries on their way to Egypt?
In case the report published on itar-tass website will materialize and the procurement deal goes through, how will Israel deal with the S-300 batteries being placed on Egyptian territory?
Ami Rojkes Dombe
Units of Combat: IDF's First UAV Squadron
Throughout Op Protective Edge, the IDF’s “First UAV Squadron” operated non-stop in order to prevent civilian casualties in Gaza. Two senior commanders in the unit reveal the details of how the squadron detected Hamas’ targets and made sure that no civilians were harmed
The End of the Cobra Era
Over the last year, IAF demobilized its veteran AH-1 Cobra attack helicopter OrBat owing to the defense budget cuts. Ofer Zidon bids farewell to the venerable weapon system that entered service following the Yom-Kippur War
Ofer Zidon
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