Defense Business

"The potential for IAI operations in North America is immense"
Israel Aerospace Industries recently appointed Robert "Doc" Foglesong CEO of its US subsidiary IAI North America. "Doc" granted Israel Defense his first interview in office
Amir Rapaport
AccuBeat Expands to North America
Vectron International announced they have entered into an agreement with Israeli company AccuBeat to be their exclusive partner in North America. With Vectron's established American sales channels, the companies look forward to expanding AccuBeat's presence in commercial and military US markets
Report: IMI Returns to India
After nearly 7 years of being blacklisted in India due to charges of alleged corruption, IMI returns to do business with the Indian MOD, according to defensenews. On the agenda – joint manufacturing of 155mm guns and Iron Fist system for India's future tank
Ami Rojkes Dombe
"We will be delighted to hire more than 1,000 employees in Israel"
Revealed: Lockheed Martin plans for its new subsidiary in Israel to engage in R&D and in sales to other countries. Exclusive interview with Tom McCorry
Amir Rapaport
"Ya'alon Cancels the Procurement of the V-22 Ospreys"
Defense Minister decided to cancel the purchase of the helicopter aircraft, according "Israel Hayom" newspaper. While contrary to the position of the IDF, the decision was made due to budgetary considerations and
DOD and Lockheed Martin Announce Principle Agreement on Purchase of F-35s
Officials anticipate the Low-Rate Initial Production lot 8 (LRIP 8) contract to be finalized in the coming weeks. The contract procures 29 U.S. aircraft. It also provides for the production of the first two F-35As for Israel
India Chooses Israeli Anti-tank Missile, Rejecting US Offer
According to Reuters, India decided to purchase 8,000 anti-tank "Spike" missiles manufactured by Rafael, rejecting a rival US offer of Javelin missiles. The deal is worth $525 million
Or Heller
New Research Collaboration
Lockheed Martin and the Hebrew University signed a long-term research collaboration agreement. The collaboration will focus on basic and applicable scientific research in areas such as Quantum Information Sciences and Material Sciences
Economic Cooperation between Vietnam and Israel
The deal was reached during Minister of Science and Technology Nguyen Quan's visit to Israel in the beginning of the month. Among the topics discussed as part of the agreement is the Cyber field
Report: US Arms Shipment to Set Sail
The US arms shipment that was halted, according to reports, will soon be on its way to Israel – "Haaretz" newspaper reported. The newspaper quoted a defense source who claims that "the barriers which delayed the shipment – had been removed"
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