Defense Business

Elbit: Total of $171 million in IMOD Contracts
Elbit Systems was awarded approximately $117 million in contracts to supply C4I and Communications Systems to the IMOD, and an additional $54 million for the supply and maintenance of electro-optics systems. Elbit will develop the next generation of Digital Army Project
Japan Approved its Biggest-ever Defense Budget: US$ 42 Billion
According to the budget plan, Japan will acquire fighter jets, drones and additional weapons, in order to strengthen its army in the wake of tensions with China over a group of disputed islands in the East China Sea
Prime Minister to establish a new government company in charge of the move of IDF to the Negev
The company will deal with all steps of the process, in the context of which the intelligence and C4I units will move south
Elbit Appointed New President for the Brazilian AEL Sistemas
Sergio Gonçalves Horta appointed as the new President of AEL Sistemas SA. Horta is replacing Shlomo Erez, who is retiring from AEL
Japan Market Awakens
Is Japan a major player on the global defense market? Not yet, but the activity of the current PM indicates he aspires to change the rules of the game
Assaf Marco
Lockheed Martin Joins Israel’s Cyberspark
Lockheed Martin will join EMC, JVP and BGN Technologies as partner in the CyberSpark Industry Initiative in Beer-Sheva
ELTA to Cooperate with Czech Company
ELTA signed an agreement for joint development and production of radar and other systems with the Czech company RETIA. The Czech company is a leading European company in fields of activity related to those of ELTA
Ami Rojkes Dombe
"The potential for IAI operations in North America is immense"
Israel Aerospace Industries recently appointed Robert "Doc" Foglesong CEO of its US subsidiary IAI North America. "Doc" granted Israel Defense his first interview in office
Amir Rapaport
AccuBeat Expands to North America
Vectron International announced they have entered into an agreement with Israeli company AccuBeat to be their exclusive partner in North America. With Vectron's established American sales channels, the companies look forward to expanding AccuBeat's presence in commercial and military US markets
Report: IMI Returns to India
After nearly 7 years of being blacklisted in India due to charges of alleged corruption, IMI returns to do business with the Indian MOD, according to defensenews. On the agenda – joint manufacturing of 155mm guns and Iron Fist system for India's future tank
Ami Rojkes Dombe
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