Defense Business

Micron Employees Move to Intel Israel
Micron Israel's factory in Kiryat Gat to become part of Intel's production factory in the city
IMI Privatization Approved
Israeli ministerial privatization committee unanimously approves the company's privatization. The measure is expected to include the retirement of a thousand employees and a transition to the Negev region
$731 Million in Revenue
Elbit Systems reports the results of its activity in the third quarter of 2013, with a net profit of $49.6 million and a backlog standing at $5.7 billion
A New Israeli Subsidiary
Lockheed Martin is expected to hire hundreds of employees, and its establishment will be immediate. Lockheed's global operations CEO said that the company will deal in the fields of information technology, cyber and data protection
Amir Rapaport
Rafael Acquires Partial Ownership of South Korean Company
Both companies area already cooperating in the development of C4I systems for the South Korean defense market
C2 Development Examined
The IDF's C4I Directorate is implementing the decision to return some of the development of the military's command and control systems 'back home'. As part of the effort, some of the IDF's C2 system will be developed internally instead of by Israeli industries
Ami Rojkes Dombe
New Companies for Rafael
Two new companies will be established by Rafael, according to an Israeli government decision - one in the Virgin Islands and the second in India. The objective: "engage in marketing activities and business development of Rafael products and systems"
Ami Rojkes Dombe
System for Special Forces
Gilat Satellite Networks to supply the Sat-Trooper 1000 satellite communication system to the IDF
Opportunities Amid Cuts
About 20 Israeli companies are taking part in the annual AUSA defense expo in Washington DC. A special review by Amir Rapaport
Amir Rapaport, Washington DC
New US Deal for Elbit
The company's TC-100L amplifiers will be provided to the US Army's OH-58 helicopters
Ami Rojkes Dombe