Homeland Security

Preparing for Emergencies - the Next Generation
Preparations for national emergencies in the State of Israel is mostly done by a group of consultants who recycle outdated military concepts instead of developing a data analysis system capable of providing realistic scenarios. A wake-up call!
Asaf Ashkenazi
Ninth "Iron Dome" Battery
An additional battery of the air defense system "Iron Dome" was provided to the IDF
Or Heller
Eighth "Iron Dome" Battery Activated
MAFAT has completed the deployment of an additional battery of the Iron Dome system to help protect large areas from the threat of rockets
Substantial Measures for Substantial Riots
The IDF must be capable of handling large-scale violent demonstrations. Ofer Fridman reviews the systems capable of providing Israel with a modicum of tranquility at the focal points of the conflict
Ofer Fridman
Heron UAS: Another Israeli System Securing Brazil
Israel Aerospace Industries’ Heron UAS takes part in securing Rio de Janeiro during the World Cup Games. Its main missions are to gather and provide data and information, to support the use of operational means against criminal and terrorist organizations
The Israeli Aerostat Guarding Rio
RT-made intelligence gathering aerostat was photographed in Rio de Janeiro, as it secures the World Cup Games
Amir Rapaport
The Israeli System That Will Secure the FIFA World Cup Tournament
NICE Systems announced that its "NICE Situator" was chosen as the centerpiece for one of Brazil's Integrated Management Centers, which serves the safety and security needs of millions of citizens and tourists
The Fronts are Heating Up
Hours before the Palestinian unity government was sworn, the IDF attacked in Gaza in response to rocket fire. In the Northern region the IDF responded with artillery fire to a mortar shell fired from Syria. In all the events, there were no injuries or damage to Israeli forces
Or Heller
Behind Bars
ISA has revealed that in recent months it had discovered 11 cases of security prisoners who tried to carry out attacks and kidnappings of Israeli soldiers and civilians
Or Heller
Elbit to Supply HLS Systems in Latin America
Elbit Systems was awarded a $133 million contract to supply integrated systems for HLS applications for a customer in the Latin American region. The contract will be performed over a one-year period
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