Homeland Security

The Profound Difference between Hamas and Hezbollah
The next possible confrontation with Hezbollah will compel Israel to develop a different concept regarding the defense of the home front and critical infrastructure
Meir Elran
IAF Secures the Upgrading Work along the Gaza Strip Fence
The aerial security was added after the shooting incident on the Gaza border last week, in which one solider was critically wounded
Or Heller
The Leap to Securing the Brazil Olympics
The name of the game at this point is prioritization of resources. Based on analysis and risk assessment, the concept and method of security shall be determined
Meir Gershuni
"The Olympic Games are a Showcase for Technologies"
Pursuant to the dramatic selection of ISDS of Israel as the integrator of the security layout for the 2016 Olympic Games - an exclusive interview
Amir Rapaport
Israeli Solution for Phone Smuggling into Mauritius Prison
MCTECH will upgrade the Jamming System of Mauritius National Prison. The system will prevent inmates from using smuggled cellphones
Motorola Solutions at the European Games
Motorola Solutions chosen as Official Radio Communications Supporter for the Baku 2015 European Games to be held in June 2015
Fighting Ebola and the Israeli Connection
Organizations working to eradicate the deadly Ebola virus are using isolation tents made by Israeli company Beth-El, in order to conduct medical tests while reducing the risk to staff
Amir Rapaport
"There is no 100% Hermetic Security"
Nir Regev, Head of the new HLS Administration at IMI, in a fascinating conversation about the challenges presented by the era of World Jihad and ISIS, in preparation for the international HLS conference opening Sunday
Amir Rapaport
Texas and Israel Finding Solutions for Border Security
Israeli company RADWIN was chosen by the local Port Authority in Texas to help secure ports-of-entry into the US. RADWIN’s Point-to-Multipoint systems were selected to transmit video from cameras deployed on the international bridge between Mexico and Texas to the local control center
"The World is Switching from Defense to HLS"
Exclusive interview with Ofer Sachs, CEO of the Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute, in preparation for the major international HLS conference to be held in Tel-Aviv next week
Amir Rapaport
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