Homeland Security

Exclusive Exposure: Israeli Company Selected as the Security Coordinator of Rio 2016 Olympics
ISDS Company was chosen to be the integrator of all security aspects of the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil, as part of a deal worth about 2.2 Billion dollars. "It will be a technology hotbed of Israeli security solutions", said Ron Shafran from ISDS
The Home Front has Become the Front Line
The military confrontations of the last decade, had one characteristic in common: the rear area was a part of the front line. Brig. Gen. (res.) Meir Elran presents several recommendations for the future rounds
Meir Elran
Targeting and Safeguarding Ben Gurion International Airport
Despite the existence of the "Iron Dome" and sophisticated early warning systems, many carriers suspended their operations due to Hamas' rockets. Brig. Gen (res.) Asaf Agmon on why such action was unnecessary
Asaf Agmon
IAI's TaxiBot System: MOU with Air France
IAI and TLD Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Air France for TaxiBot evaluation at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport
Troubled Times - Interim Reckoning
During Operation Protective Edge, the market and the citizens of Israel demonstrated resolve and determination. Asaf Ashkenazi in a third, special article in preparation for the HLS Israel conference in November 2014
Asaf Ashkenazi
IMI Establishes New HLS Directorate
IMI intends to expand its activity in the field of homeland and home command security in the framework of a directorate, which will concentrate all the know-how and expertise it has accumulated. The HLS directory is to be headed by Nir Regev, former head of Security Division at the PM’s office
NICE Safe City Solution Deploys in India
Using NICE Situator and NiceVision, the city Nanded in India has set up a centralized control room for managing daily operations as well as emergency response
Preparing for Emergencies - the Next Generation
Preparations for national emergencies in the State of Israel is mostly done by a group of consultants who recycle outdated military concepts instead of developing a data analysis system capable of providing realistic scenarios. A wake-up call!
Asaf Ashkenazi
Ninth "Iron Dome" Battery
An additional battery of the air defense system "Iron Dome" was provided to the IDF
Or Heller
Eighth "Iron Dome" Battery Activated
MAFAT has completed the deployment of an additional battery of the Iron Dome system to help protect large areas from the threat of rockets
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