Homeland Security

Northern Exercise
The Golani Brigade held a large-scale exercise in the North of Israel today (Tuesday). During the exercise, the Minister of Defense referred to violent confrontations that took place at the Yitzhar settlement between residents and security forces: "We will address this violent act harshly
Municipality of Netanya Presents: Energy Security Project
Nation-E and the municipality of Netanya launched the first energy security project in Israel. The project’s goal is to construct a municipal wide smart grid that will ensure the lights in the city never go out
On the Scent
Explosives, drugs and even paper money - these dogs can detect almost anything. Ofer Zidon spent a day with the dogs and handlers of the Israel Border Police and found a large family that knows how to get the job done
Ofer Zidon
The Next Target: Mass Media Channels
You thought that Hamas' cyber attack on Israeli media last week is a unique case? Well, Ram Levi uncovers the truth behind the recent attacks on media outlets around the world, a threat the World Economic Forum named - "digital firestorm"
Ram Levi
Israeli UAV Will Oversee the World Cup Games
Elbit Systems sold to Brazil a Hermes 900 UAV, equipped with an advanced intelligence gathering system. The UAV will carry safety and security missions in the 2014 World Cup Games this summer. Special Report from FIDAE 2014 exhibition in Chile
Amir Rapaport, Chile
IDF Unveil Terror Tunnel in Gaza
IDF Soldiers exposed the opening of terrorism tunnel linking the southern Gaza Strip to Israel. Hamas militants deny Israeli claims. Watch
25/3/2014 12:00
Elbit Systems to Secure Arizona’s Southern Border with Mexico
Will Elbit Systems’ new project achieve the ambitious objectives after 13 years and $1.4 billion of funding? Frost & Sullivan’s insights
IDF Drone Crashed in Southern Gaza
This is an IDF “Sky Rider” UAV, operated by the Artillery Corps. The IDF is looking into the incident. Hamas reported it has collected the fragments
Amir Rapaport and Or Heller
Hezbollah Cell Attempting to Place Bomb on the Border Was Hit
An IDF force identified the cell near the security fence in the Golan. Combat and shell fire was carried out towards the terror cell and a hit was identified. No Israeli casualties
Or Heller
Exposure: “The US Refuses Visas for the Defense Establishment”
The security establishment is frustrated that the US does not approve visas in some cases for military personnel, the intelligence services and the defense industries
Amir Rapaport
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