Rare Nuclear Center Photos

The photos of various structures of the Nuclear Research Center at Dimona have been published by the architectural firm responsible for its construction
Rare Nuclear Center Photos
Rare photos of the project for the construction of Dimona's Nuclear Research Center in the Israeli Negev region have been released today (Thursday) for the first time. The black and white photos were published by the architectural firm "D. Eytan / R. Lahav-Rigg " which was responsible for the reactor's construction during the 1960s.

The photos were taken during the construction of the reactor, which according to foreign reports, manufactures hundreds of nuclear and hydrogen bombs for Israel.

Among the rest, the photos include different structures such as a "library", "water tower" and "residence", as well as satellite photography of the reactor taken from space and a sketch of what at the time was called 'a Negev civic center'.
The photos were taken by architect Dan Eitan, and were sent by him to Shimon Peres (current president of Israel) in recognition of the latter's contribution to the construction of the complex.