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Revolution in the Intelligence Agencies
Aman, ISA and Mossad have recently undergone a series of significant organizational changes. What stands behind these major shifts?
Amir Rapaport
A New Reality Meets an Old Obstacle
The ground obstacle system along the border with Syria has been upgraded, but it is still inadequate in view of the new defense challenges. The former commander of the IDF YAHALOM Unit, Col. (res.) Atai Shelach, discusses the required solutions
Atai Shelach
Terror Attack on Passover Eve
During the Passover Seder night, terrorists opened fire on Israeli civilian vehicles, killing an Israeli police officer and wounding his wife and a nine year-old child
How to Produce a Dolphin-Shaped Missile Head
The Palbam Company, a manufacturer of metal elements for the defense industries, is often called upon to cope with unusual challenges and is currently shifting its business focus
Amir Rapaport
Mystery: What is flying in the Damascus skies?
Are these Iranian drones or an Israeli-made UAV that was sold to Western countries? Ronen Solomon tries to answer
Ronen Solomon
The IDF is Ready for the Cloud Challenge
The pressure currently exerted by the Israeli government on the IDF to cut the costs of defending the State of Israel has become evident, and at the IDF C4I Division they are eyeing the solutions offered by the civilian market. A "small and smart military"
Ami Rojkes Dombe
25 Shots, 10 Killed, One sniper
The massacre at the Ofra checkpoint was the peak of the "Palestinian sniping campaign" in the Judea and Samaria District. Yohai Vardi returns to the early days of the second Intifada and attempts to understand the motives of this mode of warfare and how it affected operations on the ground
Yochai Vardi
Municipality of Netanya Presents: Energy Security Project
Nation-E and the municipality of Netanya launched the first energy security project in Israel. The project’s goal is to construct a municipal wide smart grid that will ensure the lights in the city never go out
On the Scent
Explosives, drugs and even paper money - these dogs can detect almost anything. Ofer Zidon spent a day with the dogs and handlers of the Israel Border Police and found a large family that knows how to get the job done
Ofer Zidon
Closing Military Attaché Office in Switzerland, Opening in Greece
First publication: The IDF and the MOD decided to open a representative office in Greece, against the background of the damping relations with Turkey
Amir Rapaport
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