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IAF Attacked Targets in the Gaza Strip
In response to a rocket fired into Israel, the IDF responded by attacking targets in Gaza. Defense Minister: a clear message to Hamas that Israel will not tolerate continued rocket fire
Egypt: General Intelligence Chief Replaced
Director of Egypt's General Intelligence Directorate, and the head of the war on terror in Sinai, was replaced by the head of the national security agency. Egyptian officials "the replacement – on health grounds", others say: "there might be a connection to the reconciliation with Qatar"
A Race against the Clock
20 years after the kidnapping of IDF trooper Nachshon Wachsman, RIP, and the failed attempt to rescue him, Brig. Gen. (res.) Amnon Sofrin returns to those six days in October 1994 and to the race to find the "golden nugget" of intelligence: Wachsman's location. Exclusive
Hamas Conducted Training Display in the Gaza Strip
The organization has used machine guns during an extensive training. The training was well observed by IDF observations in the region
Or Heller
South Korea Chooses IAI’s Heron UAS
IAI’s Heron UAS selected by the Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) of the Republic of Korea for the Corps-Level UAV Project
The Objective is National Cyber Warfare Defense
Exclusive interview with Brig. Gen. (res.) Yair Cohen, who established the Cyber Division at Elbit Systems
Ami Rojked Dombe
"Preparing for a Nuclear Iran"
Prof. Uzi Arad revealed at the Israel Defense Energy 2015 Conference that the Mossad is already thinking about the day after the negotiations with Iran. "When you see a new submarine enters the port of Haifa, you realize that there is also an answer to this situation," said Arad
Ami Rojkes Dombe
Yair Lapid: The PM is Irresponsible
Finance Minister Yair Lapid said that Israel is probably going to early elections. "The Prime Minister is leading us to new elections. This decision is unnecessary. Instead, we could have allocated resources to public security, housing and education". The comments were made at the Energy 2015 Conference, organized by Israel Defense
Israel Orders Upgraded JDAM Kits
Israel is to receive 3,000 upgraded Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) tail-kits from Boeing, under an $82.6 million contract announced by the US Department of Defense. The kits have been upgraded with ultra-tightly coupled (UTC) capability
Elbit to Unveil 4th Generation Tactical Trainer
The 4th generation of the Tactical Battle Group Trainer (TBT) has been delivered with the latest technological and operational developments, allowing land force commanders and their staff to test and improve their operational readiness, both effectively and efficiently
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