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From Weapon Systems to Managed Information Security Services
The technological developments in the field of cyber have compelled the defense industries to change – and fast. "We are competing in an arms race where the bad guys are winning", says Esti Peshin, Director of Cyber Programs at the ELTA division of IAI
Ami Rojkes Dombe
Part of the Battle: Attempts to Bring Down Israel's Internet
ISA: There have been attempts to disable the Israeli Internet through DoS attacks. Extensive effort of defense
The C2 System of the IDF GHQ "Pit"
The IDF use many C3 systems, but only one provides IDF GHQ with a status picture of the war. It is called "Tirat Ha’Agam". The Matzpen Unit is responsible for the development and maintenance of the system. Exclusive interview
Ami Rokjes Dombe
The Virtual Battlefield
Fighting in two theaters: Hamas is employing a new online tactic to conceal its terrorist activities. Acknowledging Israel has greater military power and capabilities, Hamas turns to the virtual battleground in order to win the PR war
Fight to the Finish
We must remember that the IDF was dragged into a ground fighting round knowing the price might be heavy. Despite heavy losses, the technological advantage and the quality of personnel are factors that are still absolutely on the Israeli side of the equation. Commentary
Amir Rapaport
In the Meantime, Hamas's Strategy has yet to Work
Commentary: Hamas has tried to sneak up and attack through almost every means at its disposal, but "Iron Dome" disrupted its plans. Israel, however, has chosen a strategy of increased pressure
Amir Rapaport
And the Winners Are: "Barak 8" and "David's Sling"
The award for Technological Innovation in the field of Air Defense was granted to IAI and Rafael for the "Barak 8" and "David's Sling" systems
A Senior IDF Official: "We seek peace, ready for any scenario"
IDF forces, including Armored, were transferred to the Gaza Strip. Limited reserve recruitment of headquarters staff was carried out. However the IDF clarifies "Silence will be answered with silence. We act with security responsibility"
Or Heller
Midnight Express
The gunmen who ambushed him; his friendship with Nasrallah and Khamenei; the technologies he helped to develop - The complete story behind the life and death of Hassan al-Laqqis, the senior Hezbollah commander gunned down in Beirut
Ronen Solomon
"There is no substitute for the ability to maneuver"
Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz spoke at the graduation ceremony of the Ground Officers Course and referred to the events in all theatres of fighting. During IDF activity in the West Bank a Palestinian was seriously injured after not complying with the provisions of soldiers
Or Heller
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