Powerful Explosion at the Heart of Tel Aviv; At Least 17 Casualties

According to reports, a powerful explosion occurred on a bus passing through Shaul Hamelech Street in Tel Aviv. Three of the casualties sustained moderate to serious wounds
(Photo: Channel 2 News) (Photo: Channel 2 News)

Has Hamas fulfilled its threats? A large explosion occurred on a bus on Shaul Hamelech Street at the center of Tel Aviv, not far from the Kirya. According to reports from the field, many rescue forces are heading to the scene of the event. At least 17 casualties were evacuated, three of which were in moderate condition. All the wounded persons were transferred for treatment at hospitals.

According to reports, a suspect was arrested near the stock market in Ramat Gan with an explosive charge. There are assessments that a female terrorist is moving about in Tel Aviv, and forces are currently looking for her. The assessment among defense officials is that the attack was not the result of a suicide bomber, bur rather of a charge thrown towards the bus.

An eyewitness at the scene told the Israeli news website Ynet that "I heard a blast, and saw a black cloud. The taxi people said on the radio that "there's a dismantled bus here." It  was additionally reported that eyewitnesses near the Kirya base reported that calls were heard from the base announcement system calling people to enter into the buildings and not go out. Many police vehicles have arrived to the area.

Hamas threatened since the start of Operation Pillar of Defense in the Gaza Strip that it would renew the terrorist attacks within Israel in revenge for the death of Ahmed al-Jabri, the head of the organization's military wing. If it attack turns out to be a terror attack carried out by Hamas, Israel's reaction remains to be seen, as the attack takes place against the backdrop of the ceasefire discussions taking place in Cairo with Egyptian mediation.