"Syrian Missiles are Aimed at Tel Aviv"

The Sunday Times is reporting that Syria is preparing a response in the event of another Israeli strike in its territory, and has aimed Tishreen missiles towards the country
A Turkish Patriot missile A Turkish Patriot missile

The Sunday Times is reporting today that Syria has aimed missiles towards the Israeli city of Tel Aviv, in the framework of preparations to respond in the event that Israel strikes in Syrian territory again.

According to the report, intelligence gathering satellites have been tracking the Syrian military's layout of Tishreen surface-to-surface missiles - each of which can carry up to half a ton of explosives - for a long period of time, and have identified that the missiles were aimed towards Israel.

Uzi Rubin, one of the people behind the Arrow missile and former head of the Israeli Ministry of Defense's Homa administration, told the Sunday Times that Tishreen missiles are very precise, capable of inflicting severe damage and that Syria possesses large quantities of such missiles.

The British newspaper quoted a senior Israeli intelligence official yesterday who stated that from Israel's perspective, the Assad regime is preferable than a Syrian takeover by extremist Islamic organizations.