IDF Head of Intelligence: Our enemies possess 200,000 rockets and missiles that could cover the entire Dan region

During his speech at the Herzliya Conference, Major General Aviv Kochavi discussed the Iranian issue: “Iran has enough enriched uranium to construct four nuclear bombs,” he said
Maj. Gen. Aviv Kochavi, Head of the IDF Directorate of Military Intelligence (Photo: IDF Spokesman) Maj. Gen. Aviv Kochavi, Head of the IDF Directorate of Military Intelligence (Photo: IDF Spokesman)

In a rare public appearance, the head of the IDF’s Directorate of Military Intelligence, Major General Aviv Kochavi, discussed Israel’s various threats.

In a speech given at the IDC conference in Herzliya, Kochavi said that Iran continues to strive towards the development of a nuclear weapon, and that it had amassed a stockpile of enriched uranium sufficient for constructing four nuclear bombs. “The Iranians have nearly 100 kg of uranium enriched to a level of 20%. We have a list of figures that proves beyond a doubt that Iran is continuing the development and promotion of military nuclear weaponry."

According to Kochavi, obtaining a nuclear weapon is dependent on the decision of Iran’s supreme leader, Ali Khomeini. “When Khomeini makes the decision to create the initial warhead, we estimate that it will take about a year. If he gives an instruction to obtain bombs or arm bombs with nuclear capabilities, it will take another year or two.”

Major General Kochavi also referred to the depots of precise weapons in the Middle East. “Approximately 200,000 rockets and missiles threaten Israel. The missiles are more accurate, and cover the entire Dan Region.” He added, “The precision is also increasing, especially with the long-range missiles.”
According to Kochavi, Israel's enemies will have learned the lessons from the Second Lebanon War, and now terror organizations and hostile countries will not keep their missile arsenals in centralized locations.

“The enemy has moved the missiles and rockets in order to minimize the effectiveness of the IDF maneuverability. It is decentralizing the rockets and missiles in order to minimize damage," Kochavi said. "The disposition is becoming increasingly decentralized, embedded in an urban environment. In southern Lebanon, nearly every tenth house has a missile launch station,” he explained.