“The Kirya will be a target of opportunity in the next war”

Defense elements are preparing for an assault on Tel Aviv, including GPS-guided missile fire towards the Kirya military base
“The Kirya will be a target of opportunity in the next war”

“In the next war, the enemy will attempt to attack the Kirya base in Tel Aviv, via GPS-guided missiles,” defense elements said in a statement.

This analysis primarily refers to the M-300 missiles developed by Syria. These missiles possess a satellite-based guidance system and an accuracy of 500 m.

The assessments are that in the event of a conflict with Syria, or a conflict with Iran that might result in a conflagration on other fronts, fire will be directed towards Tel Aviv – including by way of missiles with guidance systems.

With or without any connection to these assessments, for the first time an Iron Dome battery was positioned south of Tel Aviv for an exercise.

Defense elements are assessing that the Tel Aviv metropolitan area and the Kirya at its core will be targets of opportunity in every future conflict scenario.

The Head of the IDF’s Directorate of Military Intelligence recently said that the organizations and countries surrounding Israel are in possession of no less than 200,000 missiles and rockets.