Light Weapons

Real-time Recording of Gunfire Data
CAA introduces the Secubit GS-Counter, a new, patented gun shot counter ready to analyze the precise date, time and energy of each and every round
"The success of the 'Tavor' has taken us by surprise"
The Israeli assault rifle Tavor has been selected as 2014 Rifle of the Year in the USA just nine months after entering the US market. The CEO of IWI and the President of the US subsidiary explain how it happened
Amir Rapaport
CAA TACTICAL to Provide Bipod Grips for the IDF
The transaction includes tens of thousands of bipod grips designed for the Tavor and the M16 assault rifles, and is estimated at millions of shekels. Special coverage from the IWA 2014 exhibition
Eyal Boguslavsky, Germany
Production of Galil Rifles in Vietnam Has Begun
According to a report on janes website, the Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) has established a production facility in cooperation with the Vietnamese Ministry of Defence for the manufacture of Galil rifles for the Vietnam People's Army. The goal is to replace the Kalashnikov rifles with Galil rifles
Ami Rojkes Dombe
A Sneak Preview to the Future of Assault Rifles
The assault rifle market is bustling but fails to produce any revolutionary news. Tamir Porat attempts to understand what the future holds in store for the small arms market
Tamir Porat
Reflex Sight Upgrading Tender
The Israel Ministry of Defense is expected to issue a new RFP as part of a tender for replacing reflex sights used by IDF
Moria Ben-Yosef
IMI Developed New Rifle Cartridge
IMI Small Caliber Ammunition Division announced a new 5.56 mm rifle cartridge with extended range of up to 600 meters
"The Sight is like a Window"
Two physicists are developing an optical sight that takes into account the psychological factors of human vision
Moria Ben-Yosef
Weapons License Approval
Israeli Knesset passes initial approval for law requiring seekers of weapon licenses to prove mental competence
New Stocks for MP-5 SMG
FAB Defense is developing a new set of stocks for the popular submachine gun, which feature telescoping and adjustable elevation
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