Light Weapons

Maglula Introduces New Range BenchLoader
The new loader for AR15/M16/M4 magazines is injection molded in Israel. It allows loading hundreds of magazines quickly and painlessly
Paraguay Army Chooses IWI's "Negev"
Photographs that appeared online reveal the recent acquisition of the Israeli machine guns by Paraguay
Ami Rojkes Dombe
Real-Time Wearable Technology
Wearable technology has been developing very rapidly in recent years, but the need for resources that provide and two ways real-time information and lack of some technology building blocks still presents challenges
Israel (Russo) Rom
RADA's Radars to Assist in National Alert System
Breakthrough for RADA: The Company announces the selection of its MHR-based tactical radars by a leading MOD of for its national alert system. RADA's tactical radar systems provide volume surveillance and detection of multiple threat types, including UAVs, mortars, and rockets
Amir Rapaport
Anti-theft Holsters
FAB-Defense presented a new line of holsters with a uniquely designed locking system, made to prevent and undermine weapon theft attempts while allowing swift draw and efficient reaction
IWI Launches New Sight for TAVOR and X95
IWI launches a foldable, detachable, stainless steel sight for the TAVOR and X95 Families of assault rifles. It functions as a standard sight, and will be supplied as part of the rifle package
UVID 2014: What will be on display?
In preparation for the Third International Unmanned Vehicles Conference (UVID) organized by IsraelDefense: a special review of the products which will be displayed in a huge exhibition. This time: Compact GPS-aided inertial navigation system by OxTS; Milper's rugged solutions
"The Future is in .338 Caliber Sniper Rifles”
IWI has launched “Dan”, the sniper rifle designed and developed by veteran firearms specialist Nehemiah Sirkis. IWI CEO Uri Amit says it is not the Company’s last sniper rifle
Operational Debut: RADA's MHR Radar system
Numerous weapon systems logged their first operational employment during Operation Protective Edge, including RADA's MHR Radar system, designed to detect UAVs and mortar shells
"Every Trooper Needs 90 Liters"
The Marom-Dolphin Company developed new combat vests and personal load carriers
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