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"The Intelligence Revolution is an Opportunity for the Industry"
From cyber defense products to cutting-edge intelligence gathering and data fusion: Adi Dar, head of the new Electro-Optics, Cyber & Intelligence Division established at Elbit Systems, reveals another angle of the new era
Amir Rapaport
Turkey Launched Cyber Warfare Command
The Turkish military considers cyber security as the fifth force of the state. From an Israeli perspective Turkey, despite being a member of NATO, can transfer offensive cyber capabilities to Hamas without breaking any international regulation - simply because there isn't one
Ami Rojkes Dombe
IDF Thwarted Cyber Attack
The head of the IDF Telecommunications Branch, Maj. Gen. Uzi Moshkovitz, spoke about the current and future states of cyber warfare and cyber defense: "There was a planned attack that we were aware of and the attackers failed in their attempt"
"We Must Try and Ban the Use of Cyberweapons"
Eugene Kaspersky envisions a peaceful world including the cyberspace. Until that happens, he calls for a treaty that will ban the development and use of cyberweapons. An exclusive interview with IsraelDefense
Katya Velikorodov
Israel under Cyber Attack: Meanwhile, there is no real damage
The hacking organization "Anonymous" claimed to have shut down Israeli government websites, but apparently the attack is not severe. Erez Kreiner: "It's more of a high-powered PR event rather than anything else
"Communication Technology Never Stops Running Forward"
Commtact's CEO Shai Palti speaks about communication challenges in an era when massive amounts of data need to be transmitted
Amir Rapaport
Turning Smartphones into Thermal Cameras
Merging the exploding Android smartphone world with the Thermal Imaging world: Opgal has announced the launch of Therm-App
Hamas’ Cyber Attack
Threatening messages were sent to Israelis' mobile phones, including subscribers of IsraelDefense
Was Malaysia Flight MH370 Cyber-Hijacked?
The aviation industry faces major risks on all of its fronts. Could the answer to the missing plane be that this is “the world’s first cyber hijack”?
"C5I: A Designer of Operational Processes"
Over 1,400 officials of the defense and civilian industries, officers and soldiers of the IDF and foreign armies took part in the 2nd International C5I Conference, held yesterday. "C5I is shifting from being an enabler to being a designer of operational processes"
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