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Cyber ​​Cooperation between Israel and India
According to online reports, Israel invited India to participate in the future national cyber defense authority. However, it is not clear what will be the nature of the collaboration
Ami Rojkes Dombe
"Israel – A Good Place for Investments"
Brian Kenyon, Vice President and CTO of Security Connected at McAfee, visits Israel and praises the local cyber industry
Ami Rojkes Dombe
Coming Soon: Kill Switch for Smartphones
The Israeli branch of Qualcomm has developed advanced authentication mechanism to be used in the future as the infrastructure for a "Kill Switch" for lost or stolen smartphones. The idea of a shutdown switch idea has been getting a boost from a new legislation in California
Ami Rojkes Dombe
Elbit's Cyber Security Simulator
Elbit Systems provides Singaporean ST Electronics (Info-Security) with a Cyber Security Simulator for civil applications
"The Operational Effectiveness of the C4I Systems is Evident by Now”
Haim Delmar, VP of C4I at Elbit Systems, in a first exclusive interview: “The greatest challenge is delivering the knowledge all the way down to the tactical echelons on the ground, in real time”
Amir Rapaport
The Wheels of the Cyber Industry
According to market research & analysis firm Frost & Sullivan, the global cyber industry is expected to generate a financial turnover of about US$ 155 billion in the year 2020. A fascinating analysis of the connections between money, technology and transparency
Yaki Baranes
Even Air-Gap Networks are Vulnerable
Researchers succeeded in demonstrating that data and commands may be conveyed from a PC to a smartphone even in a sterile environment
Ami Rojkes-Dombe
Weapons of Combat: "Tirat Ha’Agam"
Improvements in the command and control system of the General Staff were made during Operation Protective Edge
Behind the Scenes of Cyber Warfare
The Operations Department of the IDF C4I Directorate is responsible for operating all of the IDF's C4I resources at any time and under any weather conditions
Ami Rojkes Dombe
IDF and ISA Thwarted Massive Cyber Attack
During Operation Protective Edge, pro-Palestinian hackers attempted a major cyber attack against Israel. IDF and Israeli security forces foiled the attack, but hackers remain determined to harm essential Israeli infrastructure
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