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USCENTCOM: Operational military networks unharmed in ISIS supporters' cyber attack
Hours after supporters of ISIS hacked the Twitter and YouTube accounts of the US military, the United States Central Command is reassuring - no classified information have been leaked or stolen during the cyber attack
ISIS' Cyber Caliphate Attacks US Media
A hacker group who identifies with ISIS is attacking media outlets in the US and is claiming it had managed to hack into FBI databases. The FBI has no responded to the claims, but according a report on NYDailyNews, the organization investigates the Group's involvement in events
Ami Rojkes Dombe
IAI Takes on the Cyber Arena
Israel Aerospace Industries concludes year 2014 with cyber-solutions contracts totaling dozens of millions of dollars. Two significant contracts were signed with strategic, defense, foreign customers
Waterfall Deploys its Unidirectional Security Gateways in Japan
Waterfall Security announced the successful installation of its stronger-than-firewalls technology, which addresses safety and reliability concerns for critical infrastructures, at two sites in Japan
Israeli Capital Market Targeted
The Israel Securities Authority is implementing state-of-the-art systems for the purpose of catching the Israeli "Gordon Gekko". If that legendary trader from the film Wall Street, who was caught driving up shares, had attempted to do the same in today's Israel, he would have found the task much more difficult
Ami Rojkes Dombe
"The Cyber & IT Revolution is an Opportunity"
The Minister of Public Security in an exclusive interview about the lessons derived from Operation Protective Edge regarding the home front, about the arguments with IMOD and about fighting terrorism and crime
Amir Rapaport
"Cyberspace Intelligence Needs to be Militarized"
Cyberspace intelligence specialists claim that the business and financial sector should adopt the military intelligence-oriented approach
Ami Rojkes-Dombe
The Objective is National Cyber Warfare Defense
Exclusive interview with Brig. Gen. (res.) Yair Cohen, who established the Cyber Division at Elbit Systems
Ami Rojked Dombe
The Objective: Defending Against Focused Cyber Warfare Attacks
The emphasis of the IT-SA 2014 exhibition was placed on the transition from general cyber attacks to focused attacks. Israeli representation was prominent. Special review from Nuremberg
Cyber Security for National Infrastructures
Nation-E has launched its new Energy Cyber Security Center at a ceremony attended by the President of Israel
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