Elbit Systems Introduces J-Music, the Newest Member of its DIRCM Systems Family

Designed to protect medium to large aircraft such as transporters, tankers, special mission platforms, business jets, and others against shoulder fired missiles
C-Music screenshot (Photo: Elbit) C-Music screenshot (Photo: Elbit)

Expanding its suite of advanced directed infra-red counter measures (DIRCM) systems, which already provide customers worldwide with effective protection against shoulder fired missiles, Elbit Systems is introducing the new J-Music DIRCM System, specifically designed and optimized to protect medium to large aircraft. J-Music will be launched at the Farnborough Air Show, set to take place in London, July 9-15 2012.

Based on the same proven technologies of the C-Music system, selected by the Israeli Government to protect passenger aircraft, J-Music is an advanced multi-spectral infra-red fiber-laser based DIRCM system, which rapidly acquires and tracks incoming man-portable missiles (MANPADS) and deflects them from the target using a powerful laser beam. J-Music is a distributed system, meaning that the LRUs can be installed in various locations onboard the aircraft, enabling an optimized installation solution for protection of the aircraft. Interfacing with the aircraft's missile warning system, the system provides an integrated, comprehensive, and cost effective solution.

The new system is specially designed to protect medium to large jets such as transporters, tankers, special mission platforms, business jets, and others.

The system is lightweight, compact, and can be easily installed on a wide range of aircraft types, in single turret or multi-turret configurations.

J-Music is part of Elbit Systems’ family of advanced DIRCM systems for both military and commercial aircraft. These systems provide the ultimate protection against MANPADS for most types of helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft platforms. The Music family of DIRCM systems, whose performance has been proven in comprehensive operational testing and flight tests conducted independently by government agencies in a number of countries, have been selected for programs in Israel, Brazil, Italy, and other countries for the protection of their rotary and fixed-wing platforms.