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Deadly Attack in Jerusalem: Four killed in a synagogue attack
Morning prayers in the synagogue became a bloodbath: Two terrorists infiltrated a synagogue and yeshiva compound in the capital, carrying axes, guns and knives. Four people were killed and at least six injured. The terrorists were killed. PM: "a direct result of incitement led by Hamas and Abbas"
The Generations Theory in the Arab World
Where is the present generation heading? Haim Tomer in a special article about the complex reality of the Middle East
Haim Tomer
Two Run-over Attacks in One Day
Two run-over terror attacks occurred on Wednesday, wounding 16 people and killing one. Palestinians have termed the latest "trend" as "car intifada", and are encouraging the activity through social networks
"We will cut down the Palestinian terror in Jerusalem"
Defense Minister blames PA Chairman for inciting the Palestinian population, resulting in the continuation of terrorist attacks in Jerusalem. "Abu Mazen has not changed and will not change", said Ya'alon
IDF Ranked Most Powerful Army in the Middle East
Based on budgets, technology capabilities, munitions, personnel and experience, IHS ranked the IDF as the strongest army in the region. Followed by – Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Iran
Yemen in Chaos
Dr. Shaul Shay urges the U.S and its allies in the region to prevent Yemen from turning to be an Iranian proxy or a Sunni Jiahdi–Salafi stronghold. A review of the circumstances leading Yemen to be closer than ever before to chaos, civil war and disintegration
Shaul Shay
Hezbollah Changes Policy: Operating on the Border Region
The organization decided to renew its overt military operations on the Lebanese border. This move holds problematic consequences for Israel
Israel’s Legal Wars
In the regional conflict, the legal battlefield is becoming an ever-present and significant part. Daniel Reisner believes that the bad news for Israel is that one major legal loss in this “front” could have a “domino effect”, the eventual scope of which we cannot even guess
Daniel Reisner
Have the Cedars of Lebanon Caught the Islamic Flame?
The advance of the ISIS forces into Lebanon should concern Israel, too. Meanwhile, the world is setting up to stop that organization. Col. (res.) Pesach Malovany believes it may be too late
Pesach Malovany
Egypt and the Nuclear Option
Egypt is now possibly pursuing its own civilian nuclear option, amid fears of a nuclear arms race between Iran and its regional Sunni rivals. Dr. Shaul Shay argues that a success of the negotiations with Iran could resolve one of the most intractable geopolitical problems of the 21st century, but failure might plunge the Middle East into conflict
Shaul Shay
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