Middle East

Acid Terror Attack
Palestinian has thrown acid into a vehicle carrying a family with four girls, wounding them lightly to moderately. The terrorist, armed with a screwdriver, then began pursuing the civilians
Turkel Committee Approves Appointment of Eisencott as Chief of Staff
The appointment will be brought to the government for approval on Sunday. Maj. Gen. Gadi Eisencott will assume office in February 2015 after a period of overlap with the outgoing Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz
Or Heller
The Global Terrorism Threat
Nitzan Nuriel on the disintegration of Libya and the events currently taking place in Syria and Iraq, and the potential influence these events could have on the fight against terrorism
Nitzan Nuriel
Syria – Yes, Lebanon – No
Commentary: Is there a connection between the annual intelligence evaluation presented by the Military Intelligence Directorate and the reports on a heavy Israeli strike in Syria on weapons stockpiles?
Amir Rapaport
Egypt: The "Badr 2014" Military Exercise
Dr. Shaul Shay reviews the "Badr 2014" exercise, the largest Egyptian military maneuver since 1996, focused on a defensive strategy to counter hostile attacks, implement force mobilization procedures, confront emergency situations, make quick decisions, achieve air superiority and carry out air attacks through all the stages of the maneuver
Shaul Shay
Who Attacked the Egyptian Navy Vessel?
An Egyptian Navy patrol boat came under attack in the Mediterranean. One of the many questions aroused is "who stands behind the attack"? Dr. Shaul Shay provides some answers
Shaul Shay
Nuclear Talks at a Dead End: Fear of a covert nuclear site
Tehran and the Western powers have not yet bridged the gaps on the nuclear issue. "The New York Times": The concern is of an unknown, covert Iranian nuclear site; therefore the West requires tighter supervision
Deadly Attack in Jerusalem: Four killed in a synagogue attack
Morning prayers in the synagogue became a bloodbath: Two terrorists infiltrated a synagogue and yeshiva compound in the capital, carrying axes, guns and knives. Four people were killed and at least six injured. The terrorists were killed. PM: "a direct result of incitement led by Hamas and Abbas"
The Generations Theory in the Arab World
Where is the present generation heading? Haim Tomer in a special article about the complex reality of the Middle East
Haim Tomer
Two Run-over Attacks in One Day
Two run-over terror attacks occurred on Wednesday, wounding 16 people and killing one. Palestinians have termed the latest "trend" as "car intifada", and are encouraging the activity through social networks
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