Middle East

Yemen in Chaos
Dr. Shaul Shay urges the U.S and its allies in the region to prevent Yemen from turning to be an Iranian proxy or a Sunni Jiahdi–Salafi stronghold. A review of the circumstances leading Yemen to be closer than ever before to chaos, civil war and disintegration
Shaul Shay
Hezbollah Changes Policy: Operating on the Border Region
The organization decided to renew its overt military operations on the Lebanese border. This move holds problematic consequences for Israel
Israel’s Legal Wars
In the regional conflict, the legal battlefield is becoming an ever-present and significant part. Daniel Reisner believes that the bad news for Israel is that one major legal loss in this “front” could have a “domino effect”, the eventual scope of which we cannot even guess
Daniel Reisner
Have the Cedars of Lebanon Caught the Islamic Flame?
The advance of the ISIS forces into Lebanon should concern Israel, too. Meanwhile, the world is setting up to stop that organization. Col. (res.) Pesach Malovany believes it may be too late
Pesach Malovany
Egypt and the Nuclear Option
Egypt is now possibly pursuing its own civilian nuclear option, amid fears of a nuclear arms race between Iran and its regional Sunni rivals. Dr. Shaul Shay argues that a success of the negotiations with Iran could resolve one of the most intractable geopolitical problems of the 21st century, but failure might plunge the Middle East into conflict
Shaul Shay
The Houthi and Iranian Victory in Yemen
Yemen’s capital Sanaa is now under the complete control of Shia Houthi rebels, who have emerged from the current conflict much stronger than many had believed they were. Dr. Shaul Shay believes that without a respond to the challenge, we are facing a new theater of Shia – Sunni sectarian war
Shaul Shay
Abductors of Three Israeli Teenagers Targeted in Hebron
Terrorists Marwan Kawasme and Amer Abu Aysha were targeted overnight by ISA and IDF security forces in an operation to apprehend them. After the terrorists opened fire on Israeli forces, the suspects were killed, ending a three month long manhunt
Debriefing "Hannibal Directive" Incident in Rafah: Conclusions and Unanswered Questions
According to the investigation 41 Palestinians were killed, not 130 as claimed in Gaza. In addition, it is still unclear what happened to the body of late officer Lt. Hadar Goldin
Amir Rapaport
"If asked to assist against ISIS – I believe we will do it"
A senior IDF officer said that if Israel will have intelligence on ISIS targets in Syria, it will present it to the international coalition. He also referred to ISIS' sources of funding and the difference between ISIS and Hamas
Or Heller
Between Gaza & Baghdad - The Radical Islam Threat
A titanic struggle is under way in the Middle East between radical Islam and the Arab nation states. Is this an opportunity for Israel to establish new alliances?
Shaul Shay
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