Middle East

Mowing the Grass in Gaza
It is unlikely that Israel can purge Hamas from Palestinian society, nor is a political solution likely to be achieved. Instead, Israel is acting in accordance with a “mowing the grass” strategy. Israel is acting to severely punish Hamas for its aggressive behavior, and degrading its military capabilities – aiming at achieving a period of quiet
Prof. Efraim Inbar and Dr. Eitan Shamir
"Many Clashes with Terrorists"
The ground operation to destroy terror infrastructure in the Gaza Strip continues to expand. Golani Brigade battalion commander sustained light-to-moderate injuries
IsraelDefense & Or Heller
Is Iraq on the Way to a Regime Reversal?
For over a decade, Iraq has been relatively successful in maintaining its unity. The recent events could undermine this objective
Pesach Malovany
Naval Commandos Raided Launching Site in Gaza
Four soldiers of the IDF "Flotilla 13" were injured in an exchange of fire in Gaza. Meanwhile, the IDF airdropped leaflets over northern Gaza, calling residents to evacuate
Kenya and the War against al-Shabaab
Dr. Shaul Shay provides a review of current events of the bleeding terror campaign against the "soft belly" of Kenya – the economy and the tourist industry, carried out by al-Shabaab, a cell of the militant Islamist organization al-Qaeda
Shaul Shay
Commander of Hamas' Elite Navy Unit Killed in IDF Strike
Operation "Protective Edge" Expends: The rocket fire on the south continues, as IDF attack terror targets in Gaza. Recruitment of reservists will be expended in preparation of a possible ground operation
IDF Strikes Hamas Tunnel
The IDF prevented an imminent terror attack by targeting a Hamas tunnel leading from Gaza into Israel
Senior IDF source: "Preparing for a significant operation"
At least 50 targets throughout Gaza were hit during the night. The IDF is preparing for an additional reservists recruitment if needed. The firing of rockets at Israel continues and Hamas threatens with "revenge"
Or Heller
Bodies of Three Abducted Teens Found
After over two weeks of search efforts, three abducted teens were found shot to death found in a field north of the Palestinian town Halhul, north of Hebron
Once Again: Barrage of Rockets hits Southern Israel
At least 13 rockets were fired at southern communities on Monday morning. The IDF says Hamas is responsible for every rocket launched out of its territory. Senior IDF officer: "The firing becomes daily, and the responses are appropriate"
Or Heller
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