Playing with Fire
In a book outlining the history of wargaming, Martin van Creveld reflects on the full span of a large variety of games. Mauro Manatovani believes it is “a masterpiece”
Mauro Manatovani
The First Line of Defense Against Egypt
The book by Maj. Gen. (Res.) Amnon Reshef presents the story of the IDF 14th Armored Brigade in the Yom-Kippur War, and contains testimonies never before published
Large-Scale War, Narrow Perspective
Brigadier General (Res.) Dr. Dani Asher reviews a new book on the Yom Kippur War
Dani Asher
Art of the Handgun
One of the best comprehensive handbooks for beginners
Arie Egozi
The Forgotten Spy
Dr. Shaul Weber tries to find out who wanted to erase the memory of the spy who committed suicide in Cairo
Fateful Choices
The fate or chance that led the leaders of Israel, from the mid-thirties to the present day, to make decisions that shaped the borders of today.
‏The Air War – A Success or Failure?
Col. (Ret.) Dr. Shmuel L. Gordon believes that every statesman, army commander, and researcher should read Benjamin S. Lambeth’s book
Shmuel L. Gordon
The Nature of War
In Lieutenant Colonel (Res.) Ron Tira’s “The Nature of War”, war is likened to a game with constantly changing rules. Brigadier General (Res.) Dr. Dani Asher outlines the author’s analysis of various types of confrontations as seen through the prism of conflict in Israel and the world
Dani Asher
On Flexibility / Meir Finkel
Brigadier General (res.) Dr. Dani Asher, author, lecturer, and veteran intelligence officer, reviews Colonel Dr. Meir Finkel’s book on “The element of surprise in warfare”. The author claims that knowing how to recover quickly from battlefield surprise is imperative in force planning
Dani Asher
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