The Ukraine Crisis - Possible Implications for Israel
The evolving crisis around Ukraine may be of great significance to the Middle East, primarily to the State of Israel, in a variety of ways. Prof. Zaki Shalom outlines the possible implications of the Ukraine crisis for Israel
Zaki Shalom
Just a Matter of Time
Violence between Israeli settlers and Palestinian villagers in the West Bank is only a matter of time, as the "Price Tag Policy" is gaining force. Opinion
Nitzan Nuriel
The Triangle: Israel, Iran and the Arabs
The need to stop the Iranian nuclear project might raise a surprising strategic alliance. Ehud Eilam on the unique Middle East triangle
Ehud Eilam
Iranian Weapons Ship Seizure - The American Perspective
Prof. Zaki Shalom thinks that recent statements made by the US officials, on the weapons ship seizure, may indicate a change in its engagement with Iran
Zaki Shalom
Putin Doctrine in Action
Transfer of forces to Crimea, assignment of soldiers on the border and encouragement of pro-Russian demonstrations. Yakov (Yasha) Kedmi outlines the moves of the Russian President in the struggle for the future of Ukraine
Yakov (Yasha) Kedmi
A Black Hole in the Islamic Space
Like a black hole that swallows everything around it, Iran aspires to swallow the countries surrounding it and reestablish the Persian Empire “from India even unto Ethiopia”. How will the world in general, and Israel in particular, respond?
Rafael Ofek
Netanyahu's Israel is Fixated on a Conception
The possibily that the sanctions on Iran are acheiving their objective should be examined
Shlomo Gazit
Israel, regional situations and perspectives: it is not about who has the better argument, but who is viewed as posing a greater risk
Shlomo Gazit
The Red Line
The former Head of the IDF Directorate of Military Intelligence portrays the internal reservations of the US president on whether or not to attack in Syria
Shlomo Gazit
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