The Ultimate Expression of Terror – Fear Mongering
The terrorist attack in a school in Pakistan is the latest in a chain of attacks aimed at educational institutions around the world. Meir Gershuni believes that this further illustrates the enormous gap between Western values to those of Islamic extremism and terrorist organizations
Meir Gershuni
Stand-Off Fire – the Feasibility of Overbalance & the Deterrence Aspect
In the era of asymmetrical conflicts, the objective of the state side is to create a situation of interests, at the end of the confrontation, where the other side will not want to lose those interests. David Ivry believes such an objective may be achieved by combining the use of stand-off weapons and other state-initiated economic measures
David Ivry
Lone Terrorist – A Role Model
Against the background of the increase in attacks by individual terrorists, Meir Gershuni, a former senior Shin Bet official, believes that a comprehensive strategic treatment of terrorists and their environment should be incorporated in training for intelligence gathering
Meir Gershuni
Who are the Bad Guys?
Maj. Gen. (res.) David Ivry on the conscience and ethics of the IAF pilots and the conditions under which they operate. "We are allowed to kill the enemy only after he had already killed us"
David Ivry
Shortage of Pilots in Commercial-Civil Aviation
Maj. Gen. (ret.) David Ivry claims that looking ahead, we will realize that the supply of former military pilots would be drastically reduced, as the military flight schools are adapting themselves to the future needs
David Ivry
The Technological Advantage – Nothing Lasts Forever
While the technological superiority of Israel over its adversaries is self-evident with regard to conventional warfare, this superiority, as it applies to counterterrorism, is far more complex. Brig. Gen. (res.) Nitzan Nuriel on facing terrorism while being one step ahead
Nitzan Nuriel
Hamas' Ramadan War
Did Hamas planned to start the round of fighting in Gaza specifically in the month of Ramadan? Colonel (ret.) Pesach Maluvany in an article on the religious element in the military and operational planning of Islamic organizations and countries
Pesach Malovany
Should Israel Embrace Anew the Doctrine of Preventive War?
Israel is engaged in warfare against Hamas – a terror organization that openly declares its desire to bring upon the destruction of Israel, and who does not seem to be willing to end the fighting. Israel will have to ask itself whether its military doctrine suits the challenges and threats Israel is facing
Zaki Shalom
The Downing of the Malaysian Plane, "Protective Edge" and Iran – a Warning Signal
The downing of the Malaysian plane is a frightening example of what might happen when an advanced, destructive weapons system moves into the hands of a rebel group, militia or terror organization
Asaf Agmon
Playing Chess in a Backgammon Atmosphere
Brig. Gen. (Res.) Nitzan Nuriel believes the State of Israel must understand that players in the Middle East are all looking at the manner in which it conducts itself during Operation Protective Edge
Nitzan Nuriel
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