Should Israel Embrace Anew the Doctrine of Preventive War?
Israel is engaged in warfare against Hamas – a terror organization that openly declares its desire to bring upon the destruction of Israel, and who does not seem to be willing to end the fighting. Israel will have to ask itself whether its military doctrine suits the challenges and threats Israel is facing
Zaki Shalom
The Downing of the Malaysian Plane, "Protective Edge" and Iran – a Warning Signal
The downing of the Malaysian plane is a frightening example of what might happen when an advanced, destructive weapons system moves into the hands of a rebel group, militia or terror organization
Asaf Agmon
Playing Chess in a Backgammon Atmosphere
Brig. Gen. (Res.) Nitzan Nuriel believes the State of Israel must understand that players in the Middle East are all looking at the manner in which it conducts itself during Operation Protective Edge
Nitzan Nuriel
Reaching an Agreed-Upon, Formally-Endorsed National Security Concept
A revision of the national security concept is necessary, but the way to revise it is through the approach of introducing essential changes rather than by developing a new concept
David Ivry
On Technology and Courage
The development and use of cutting-edge autonomous technologies have had both direct and indirect influences on the strategic and operational environment of the IDF. Brig. Gen. (res.) Asaf Agmon in an opinion column on the importance of the human factor
Asaf Agmon
Israel’s Super Strategy Dilemma
A Jewish state? David Ivry on the complexity of formulating the objective of Israel's super strategy
David Ivry
The Peace Process: Winds of Change?
Is a significant change occurring in the White House position regarding the peace process?
Zaki Shalom
The Ukraine Crisis - Possible Implications for Israel
The evolving crisis around Ukraine may be of great significance to the Middle East, primarily to the State of Israel, in a variety of ways. Prof. Zaki Shalom outlines the possible implications of the Ukraine crisis for Israel
Zaki Shalom
Just a Matter of Time
Violence between Israeli settlers and Palestinian villagers in the West Bank is only a matter of time, as the "Price Tag Policy" is gaining force. Opinion
Nitzan Nuriel
The Triangle: Israel, Iran and the Arabs
The need to stop the Iranian nuclear project might raise a surprising strategic alliance. Ehud Eilam on the unique Middle East triangle
Ehud Eilam
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