Amir Rapaport Mr. Amir Rapaport is the founder and Editor in Chief of IsraelDefense Magazine - an international magazine on Israeli military and defense affairs. He is a former military correspondent and commentator, an author and research associate at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies (BESA) of Bar-Ilan University.

"The Operational Effectiveness of the C4I Systems is Evident by Now”
Haim Delmar, VP of C4I at Elbit Systems, in a first exclusive interview: “The greatest challenge is delivering the knowledge all the way down to the tactical echelons on the ground, in real time”
Amir Rapaport
Everyone Wants Assad to Survive
How the wheel turns: Commentary by Amir Rappaport on the tensed situation in the Northern front of the State Israel. The fighting continues. Who is helping Assas?
Amir Rapaport
"In the present era, the importance of Mossad and ISA is growing"
Yuval Steinitz, Minister of Intelligence, Strategic Affairs and International Relations speaks to Israel Defense about the Israeli intelligence services and about recent developments in the Middle East. Exclusive
Amir Rapaport
Haven't Gone All Out and Crazy
Commentary: Hamas was severely beaten in Gaza during Operation Protective Edge, but the tests regarding security and defense the State of Israel is expected to face may be more difficult than the operation in itself
Amir Rapaport
Chief of Staff Approved Second Generation "Tzayad" Program
The acquiring process of second-generation C2 systems has begun, as part of the "Network IDF" program. Emphasis will be placed on information fusion within the tactical level
Amir Rapaport
A Long War
The fourth phase of the campaign, which kicked off on Tuesday night, has the characteristics of air strikes on Hamas in Gaza and occasional assassinations. It is possible that Israel is voluntarily being dragged into a war of attrition
Amir Rapaport
War of Artillery
Extensive use of artillery in Operation Protective Edge: 40% of the IDF soldiers who were injured and those killed were hit by mortar fire of Hamas. Meanwhile – the Artillery Corps of the IDF has fired no less than 40 thousand shells
Amir Rapaport
"We can Protect Complete Convoys instead of Individual Vehicles"
Giora Katz, Rafael EVP and Head of Land & Naval Systems Division, speaks about the new spatial defense system Samson Knight and other developments by Rafael, pursuant to the changes on the land battlefield
Amir Rapaport
Additional Reserve Recruitment, IDF to Receive Munitions from US
The IDF will recruite 16,000 additional reservists in order to "freshen" the forces stationed in various sectors. In parallel, the US granted Israel access to its emergency stockpiles of ammunition located in Israel
Amir Rapaport
Is There an End in Sight?
The defense establishment and the political echelon hoped the fighting would end around the Muslim holiday Eid al-Fitr, but these hopes were not realized. Ending the fighting is no less difficult than fighting the campaign itself
Amir Rapaport
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