Turkey Developed New Electronic Warfare System

The Koral system is the result of an independent development of Turkey. The manufacturer claims range is 100 km, though unconfirmed by any other source

Turkey formally received its first Koral EW system from Aselsan on 22 February. Source: SSM

Turkish Air Force received a new electronic warfare system named Koral, developed by the Turkish company Aselsan, so reported Janes.com website.

Koral is able to search for, intercept, analyze, classify, and find the direction of multiple conventional and complex type of radar signals. It also has the capability to jam, deceive, and paralyse hostile radars. It can either be set to automatically respond to hostile signals or it can present suggested options to an operator.

The Koral system was developed under the Land Based Stand-off Jammer System project, which was contracted in July 2009. The system includes four Electronic Support Systems (ED) and one Electronic Attack System (ET), each mounted on an 8x8 truck. The vehicles can be up to 500 m away from each other, communicating via fibre-optic cables. The system is reported to have an operating range of 100 km, although this was not confirmed by any other source.