New Israeli Solution addresses Common Display Issues on Foreign Websites in China

PTL Group's solution prevents common problems of foreign companies' websites such as slow loading and disrupted display

Entering the Chinese market is known for being an intricate challenge involving multiple obstacles. One extremely frustrating issue, experienced by companies and entrepreneurs in their very early steps in China, involves websites which fail to load or display properly, with long waiting times for each web page to refresh. This widespread issue is due to the firewall that surrounds the Chinese internet, preventing digital platforms used extensively in the western world to work properly in China.

A new Israeli development from PTL Group China, an Israeli-owned Chinese company that provides management and operational services to Israeli and other foreign companies in China, now offers optimization for the websites of foreign companies hosted on servers outside China, thus resolving common issues for slow loading or disrupted display. PTL Group's "Chinaware" enables websites hosted outside China to load properly, saving the need for building and maintaining a dedicated Chinese website, a process which involves application for government license. In this way, entrepreneurs in the first stages of their business development in China or exhibiting in trade shows in China can use their regular website to present their offering on a properly running website without embarrassing glitches.

Yotam Neuthal, CIO at PTL Group and the developer of Chinaware explains, "The solution we've developed quickly scans the website to identify the elements that are working properly and those which do not. It then moves on to correct 99% of the issues caused by the Chinese firewall automatically, thus accelerating the website loading speed in China."

Neuthal added, "A corporate website is nowadays a basic tool for presenting a company and its offering to customers and strategic partners. In its first steps in China, not every company is interested or can afford to invest in building a Chinese website that will run properly. However, a great deal of the digital content which loads easily in the West will not load properly in China, because it relies on platforms which are blocked by China's firewall. These loading and display problems are experienced also on very popular websites such Google Maps or YouTube, which load with an empty grey square instead of content.

"Even websites which do not contain any visible Google, YouTube or Facebook content take very long times to load, as long as 20-40 seconds per page. This is because the platforms blocked by the Chinese firewall are embedded in the design template of many of the websites built today. As a result, even websites with no content from blocked sources risk suffering from loading issues when accessed from China."

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